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Isn't it time for a real leader??

What is it about George W. Bush that's so disgusting?  Is it the lies he tells with a straight face?  Is it the dumb crap that comes out of his mouth?  Is it his swanky cowboy walk or his sarcastic Texas smirk?  Yes, all of these sure make him creepy, but there's more to it than that.  The true horror of this man comes from his willingness to go to war, his complete disregard for the suffering of thousands and his ability to pretend that it's all in the name of justice and freedom. 

This website was created as an informative, sarcastic and funny protest against a trully horrific administration.  I plan to keep this site running for the next 4 years as a memorial to true leadership, world peace and honest government. 

Regime Change Begins at Home!!!

What's New?

Four more years of war, terrorist threats and fear!  Welcome to the New World Order; George W. Bush will be your host.  So sit back, relax, do nothing, never ever question your government and watch your world go straight to hell.



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